You Don’t Put Customer Service On A Spreadsheet

I was talking to a new professional acquaintance and when I told her what my vision was for Event Strategies, (how I deep dive into the procurement process for meetings and conferences with specific steps) she said (among other things): “You do not put customer service on a spreadsheet”.

This sentence hit me hard – I thought “oh my gosh, she gets it! That is exactly what I try to explain to my potential clients!”

What does virtual conference success look like?

One word – engagement! We have been hearing this term quite a bit these days as virtual conferences are booming and not going away anytime soon. For me, to figure out event engagement strategies is to base them on data and research on human behavior. After, of course, setting goals and objectives for your digital meeting.

A Look Into How High Performing Meetings and Conferences Are Strategically Planned

No matter the format of the conference, my motto is: the quality of suppliers can make or break any meeting or conference. I have heard stories about suppliers overpromising and underdelivering, which makes the planning part very frustrating and time-consuming.

So how do you spare yourself frustration and stress while looking for the right event supplier? Do you go by reviews on their social media page? Do you look at testimonials on the website? Word of mouth?

From An 4000 In-Person Event To Peer-To-Peer Engagement At A Virtual Meeting – A Look At GameStop’s Annual Meeting (Part 1)

When I sat down with Judy Payne, CMP – Director of Meetings and Events at Gamestop, to record an episode of The Meeting Space podcast in the spring, I was very excited to learn what she and her team do for their 4000 people in-person convention, in the virtual format. She was willing to share her insights with me and here are some snapshots for you!