I was talking to a new professional acquaintance and when I told her what my vision was for Event Strategies, (how I deep dive into the procurement process for meetings and conferences with specific steps) she said (among other things): “You do not put customer service on a spreadsheet”.

This sentence hit me hard – I thought “oh my gosh, she gets it! That is exactly what I try to explain to my potential clients!”

You see, when I started Event Strategies, I based it on evaluating my skill set – I knew how to negotiate a contract with a hotel since I have done it for 18 years. I also knew what was important when it comes to conferences and meetings since my last 5 years of corporate career were with Caesars Entertainment hotels – I helped clients plan their conventions and conferences for thousands of people.

Eventually, my vision for Event Strategies has evolved into something bigger, something beyond sourcing through Cvent and site selection from a spreadsheet… because I saw bigger, untapped benefits for my clients.

I did market research and created a procurement plan. I expanded the vision of Event Strategies from a siloed, single step into a true, intentional procurement process for meetings and events, which in the end, builds a database of inclusive and diverse suppliers. Tracking spending, cost analysis, and objective supplier evaluation based on specific criteria – are just a few things that I envision for my clients.

When I read the article “Why Investing in Procurement Makes Organizations More Resilient” by Rafael Ramírez, Ciaran McGinley, and Steve Churchhouse in Harvard Business Review, they summarized my goal for my clients perfectly, in this one sentence: “Deployed strategically, procurement can help firms build whole constellations of value—rather than simple chains of value—in which stakeholders of all sorts are connected to one another holistically and dynamically.” Now, think about this sentence with your exhibitor, attendees, marketing and sales departments, and events in mind.

Again, “you do not put customer service on a spreadsheet”!

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